Carver 2022 gravel

Meet the New Aura Carver

By Aura | September 13, 2022

We are taking more photos than ever before (54,000 per second, to be exact). Most of these memories are fleeting, captured and then stored away in phones, folders, and group texts. 

Aura frames make it easier to privately share and display our favorite moments with our favorite people — from anywhere in the world. 

Ahead of the holidays, we’re introducing the all-new Carver, Aura’s top-rated landscape frame. WiFi-connected with photos and videos easily added from Aura’s photo sharing app, Carver is the perfect gift this holiday season, featuring a color-calibrated landscape display that can be pre-loaded and continually updated with memories from one or multiple people for a gift that keeps giving all year long.  Carver is now available on and with partner retailers including Amazon, Bloomingdales, Kohls, and others for $149. 

Here’s What’s New with Carver

The all-new Carver features a landscape 10.1” HD 1280 x 800 display. Each frame is individually calibrated for color and brightness with an 89-degree viewing angle. Free-standing and designed to resemble carved stone, Carver beautifully displays full landscape photos and intelligently pairs portrait photos side-by-side using smart curation for delightful match-ups of life’s best moments. 

Aura frames currently show over 1 billion photos per day with new photos regularly added by frame owners and their invited app members. Private and secure for only those you invite, Carver benefits from Aura’s platform-wide features: simple set-up on WiFi; add photos and videos with the app from anywhere; free and unlimited cloud storage; smart features including automatic cropping, curation, and night mode; the option to pre-load and ship as a gift from afar, and more. 

Carver comes in a versatile range of colorways that complement every decor style: Gravel, Sea Salt ($149), and Gravel with White Mat ($179). All fit in perfectly withAura’s lineup of premium photo frames that offer tons of designs, resolutions, and features including the rotatable Mason, the 2K resolution of Mason Luxe, the intricate metal design of Smith, and the pet-inspired Buddy.

The Best Gift Idea Ever

Carver is here for the easiest, meaningful gifting — for birthdays, Grandparents Day, and the upcoming holiday season too. You can pre-load any ordered Aura frame with photos, videos, and a gift message in the app before it’s delivered (and guarantee instant smiles from loved ones). Learn more at